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Reliance Jio Set To Launch JioPhone 2 Flash Sale On August 30: Timings, Price And Other Details
NDTV Reliance Jio has announced a flash sale of JioPhone 2 on August 30. The upcoming flash sale will begin at 12:00 pm on Thursday, August 30, according to the telecom company's website - That will mark the second flash sale of JioPhone 2 - an...

You can now backup your WhatsApp data without exhausting Google Drive space
Ever got frustrated with the storage full messages on Google Drive? Well, you might be in for a breather as Google and WhatsApp have come to an agreement according to which WhatsApp backups against Google Drive storage limit won’t be counted. In simpler words, this means that WhatsApp users can now backup unlimited data, including chats, photos, audio files and videos, without having to worry about the space crunch on their Drive account. Earlier, WhatsApp backups on Google Drive essentially ate up a lot of space.    In a mail attributed to one of our team members, Google Drive said, “Due to a new agreement between WhatsApp and Google, WhatsApp backups will no longer count against Google Drive storage quota. However, any WhatsApp backups that have not been updated in more than a year will automatically be removed from storage.” It seems Google has sent the mail to all people who are users of Google Drive app. The policy will go into effect for all users on November 12 though some users may see the quota benefits earlier. To avoid the loss of any backups, the Google Drive Team recommended people to manually backup WhatsApp before the date. To manually backup your data, make sure you have Google Drive activated on your phone. Then go to Menu > Settings > Chats > Chat backup and tap “Back Up” to backup your data on Google Drive. This move will benefit those who usually get loads of messages and multimedia files on WhatsApp. Google gives 15GB of free Drive storage when you sign up for an account. Users can also buy 100GB space for Rs 130 per month and 1TB for Rs 650 per month. WhatsApp has a total od 1.5 billion users, of which 200 million are in India.

Samsung Gear S2: A Good Thing Gets Better
Samsung Gear S2: A Good Thing Gets Better. Read full details

Shortened URLs Can Let Hackers Spy on You: Study
While URL shortening tools may be useful, the short length makes it simple for hackers to brute force (trial and error) them.

Jack Dorsey accepts Twitter's shortcomings and wants it to undergo a reformation
Twitter has to be quite proactive to ensure that its platform isn't misused in upcoming elections.

Twitter testing new design for Android app
Micro-blogging website Twitter is testing a new design for an Android app version to make it more user-friendly and easy to navigate

Earth's oldest known evolved rocks result of collision of asteroids
The oldest evolved rocks on Earth are the consequence of asteroids colliding with the planet 4 billion years ago, an Australian research released on Tuesday revealed.

As Nvidia expands in artificial intelligence, Intel defends turf
Nvidia Corp dominates chips for training computers to think like humans, but it faces an entrenched competitor in a major avenue for expansion in the artificial intelligence chip market: Intel Corp .

India semi fab project in jeopardy
Jaiprakash Associates, the lead partner of the Indian government's plan to build two wafer fabs in the subcontinent has announced its withdrawal from the project, stating it's not commercially viable to set up the plant at present.