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T-Mobile will reportedly sell the OnePlus 6T, marking OnePlus's first major US carrier deal
The Verge We're still weeks away from the rumored October announcement of the OnePlus 6T, but the Chinese smartphone company's next flagship might offer a big change from its predecessors: a deal with T-Mobile that would make it the first major US carrier to ...

Google CEO Tells Employees Company Isn't Close to Launching Search Engine in China
Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai told employees that the internet giant is “not close to launching a search product in China” and is carefully considering how it will do business in the country, according to a person briefed on the comments.

Motorola phone 'brazen copy' of iPhone X
Critics have mocked Motorola for "ripping off" Apple's design.

Elon Musk Confronts a Fateful Tweet and an ‘Excruciating’ Year
After setting off a furor that unsettled the markets and his own board, the Twitter chief talks about the pressure he is under and his struggle to cope.

What a security expert thought of a few new smart-home devices at CES 2018
What a security expert thought of a few new smart-home devices at CES 2018It's hard to figure out which of the connected household devices on display at CES 2018 is worth buying, but it's even more difficult to know if they are secure from hackers. A security expert visits exhibits and tries to help.

Apple reassures customers after Australian media reports hack by teen
Apple Inc said on Friday no customer data was compromised after Australian media reported a teenager had pleaded guilty to hacking into its main computer network, downloading internal files and accessing customer accounts.

I want to boycott US PC hardware, software and services. Is it possible?
Ian doesn’t like the way the US is going, and wonders if he could avoid using the country’s PC products. Good luck with that If I wanted to show my distaste for the direction the US is going by boycotting American PC hardware, software and services, could it be done? IanYou could certainly eliminate a lot of American products, but you might be giving up features without getting any ethical benefits. For example, more than a billion people already manage without a lot of American technology because they live in China or Russia. While I share your distaste for the Trump regime, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are not exactly choirboys.And while Trump is scapegoating immigrants, more than half of America’s top technology companies were co-founded by immigrants or the children of immigrants. Do you really want to punish them for Trump’s misdeeds? Continue reading...

Chinese Firm to Open UK Chip R&D Center
Parent company of Dynex Semiconductor to employ about 200 engineers at site in Birmingham, England.

DNA Captured From 2,500-Year-Old Phoenician
Analysis of the ancient man's DNA reveal he had European ancestry.

Adidas adizero 99g football boot on sale from Wednesday
T3, Adidas adizero 99g football boot on sale from Wednesday

Google 'not close' to launching search engine in China, Pichai says - CNET
About 1,000 employees protested the alleged development of a search engine that would give censorship powers to the Chinese government.