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iPhone, iPad owners: Update now to block 'Broadpwn' Wi-Fi hack
ZDNet Apple has updated iOS 10 to fix 47 security flaws, including one that can be used to hack iPhones and iPads within Wi-Fi range. It's hard to hack iOS without relying on user interaction, but it can still be done by attacking a softer target: the Wi-Fi ... ---

Nintendo Earnings: What to Watch
The company is expected to raise its sales forecast for the recently launched console-handheld hybrid Nintendo Switch when it reports earnings next week.

Laptop ban: US lifts restrictions on Saudi Arabian flights
Saudi Arabian Airlines says US authorities have lifted restrictions on laptops in cabins at two airports.

Facebook Is Pursuing a Subscription Tool for News Outlets on Its Site
The social giant is working with media companies to find better ways to push Facebook users to pay for the articles they read.

Amazon launches a social network for spending money
Amazon launches a social network for spending moneyAmazon’s Spark is a social network that for spending cash. Available Tuesday for Amazon Prime members using the company’s iOS app, Spark is a Pinterest-like service that lets users upload images of themselves using products, or just products. Other users can then view those images and follow links to purchase the displayed items through Amazon.

BlackBerry wins right to sell secure messaging tools to U.S. government
TORONTO (Reuters) - BlackBerry Ltd said on Thursday it has won the right to sell tools for encrypting phone calls and text messages to the U.S. federal government, garnering an endorsement from the National Security Agency for the products.

ECJ to rule on whether 'right to be forgotten' can stretch beyond EU
Final step in three-year legal battle between Google and France will determine whether nations get to choose whether data is removed The European court of justice (ECJ) is set to rule on a landmark case over whether or not the so-called “right to be forgotten” can and should stretch beyond EU borders.It will be the final step in a three-year legal battle between Google and France to determine how far the search engine should go to guarantee the privacy of European citizens who want their pasts to be wiped from the historical record. Continue reading...

DARPA Calls for Post-Moore Ideas
DARPA kicked off its Electronics Resurgence Initiative, a set of research efforts for life after Moore's law.

DNA Captured From 2,500-Year-Old Phoenician
Analysis of the ancient man's DNA reveal he had European ancestry.

Adidas adizero 99g football boot on sale from Wednesday
T3, Adidas adizero 99g football boot on sale from Wednesday

US fully lifts ban on laptops on airplanes from Middle East - CNET
The ban has been lifted in light of "enhanced security measures" that have been put into place.