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Patching meltdown: Windows fixes, sloppy .NET, warnings about Word and Outlook
On the heels of the Jan. 17 release of 14 Windows and .NET patches, we now have a huge crop of new patches, revised older patches, warnings about bugs, and a bewildered ecosystem of Microsoft customers who can’t figure out what in the blue blazes is going on.Let’s step through the, uh, offerings on Jan. 18.

Windows 10 patches

Win10 Fall Creators Update version 1709 — Cumulative update KB 4073291 brings the Meltdown/Spectre patches to 32-bit machines. What, you thought 32-bit machines already had Meltdown/Spectre patches? Silly mortal. Microsoft’s Security Advisory ADV180002 has the dirty details in the fine print, point 7:

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IDG Contributor Network: Marketers should enter auto infotainment quickly and carefully
At CES 2018, cutting-edge marketers are starting to see the automobile infotainment system as their newest playground. How they can use wireless technology to deliver advertising messages to a captive audience. However, I want to warn that this new revolution is a double-edged sword. Companies must enter this space, but if they don’t do so correctly, they will hurt themselves.In-car infotainment systems are an exciting new rapidly growing area. However, advertising, marketing and brand building messages must be carefully thought through and delivered. You must start carefully. It must not be intrusive. Remember, this has traditionally been a private space for the user and many of them will push-back if not done correctly.

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Facebook standardizes Workplace pricing, boosts cost for larger deployments
Facebook has changed the pricing for its Workplace enterprise social network, a move that will result in price increases for some new customers.Workplace was officially launched at the end of 2016, following a lengthy, 18-month beta trial with large enterprises such as Royal Bank of Scotland. The platform is now used by more than 30,000 organizations worldwide and has recently won over some large customers, including Walmart and Virgin Atlantic, where it is accessed by 7,000 staff.

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15 Alexa skills for business success
15 Alexa skills for the enterprise

Image by IDG, Amazon.comAlready at work in millions of homes, Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant is now ready to play a role in the enterprise.While Amazon expects the move will lead to the creation of new Alexa ‘skills’ or voice commands specifically for businesses, there are already plenty that can help you with your work, whether you’re a developer, an admin, or just looking for some help with business analytics or your to-do list.

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