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10 reasons why Apple should acquire Shazam
TechCrunch claims Apple will purchase leading music recognition service, Shazam. This hasn't been confirmed but here are just ten reasons such a deal makes sense:

Shazam’s Apple story

Founded in 1999, Shazam first came to prominence on Apple’s platforms as a great tool for iPod users. Years later it became one of the first apps to appear on the App Store, and was one of the first available iPad apps too."Shazam was one of the inaugural apps available when the App Store launched nearly two years ago and we are delighted to be available for iPad at launch as well,” said Andrew Fisher, then CEO of Shazam at the time.

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5 Survival Tactics for Enterprise CIOs in 2018
Longtime tech industry pundit Tim O'Reilly sat down with InformationWeek to talk about the future of business, society, and the enterprise. Here's what he says enterprises must do to compete in a changing business environment.

Docker on Docker at DockerCon EU 17
Docker Inc doesn't just build Docker, it also uses Docker to run its own services.

Microsoft’s Project Brainwave accelerates deep learning in Azure
Earlier this year, Google unveiled its Tensor Processing Unit, custom hardware for speeding up prediction-making with machine learning models.Now Microsoft is trying something similar, with its Project Brainwave hardware, which supports many major deep learning systems in wide use. Project Brainwave covers many of the same goals as Google’s TPU: Speed up how predictions are served from machine learning models (in Brainwave case, those hosted in Azure, using custom hardware deployed in Microsoft’s cloud at scale). 

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Moto X4 Review
Moto announced the latest device in the X series, the Moto X4 at IFA 2017 and the company launched the device in November in India. The Moto X4 packs a 5.2 inch Full HD display and is powered by Snapdragon 630 octa-core processor with either 3GB or 4GB of RAM. The device packs a dual […] Copyright © 2005-2013 This feed is intended only for the personal, non-commercial use and content is copyrighted to NirmalTV.COM and may not be reproduced on other websites without permission.