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Is Apple’s new 27-in. iMac a good fit for business?
Apple has introduced what may be the penultimate 27-in. iMac configuration powered by an Intel processor. But with Apple already talkig up plans to transition to its own silicon soon, does the iMac remain a smart buy for your business?

The Apple Silicon transition thing

Enterprise purchasers shouldn’t be put off that Apple intends to migrate its Macs to Apple Silicon because, for now at least, they know what they are getting with Intel-based kit – and have been promised support for Macs using processors for “years to come." While that’s a slightly opaque commitment, it should cover standard enterprise Mac usage cycles.In other words, counter-intuitive as it may sound to Mac users focused on the new,  bright and the shiny, these iMacs may make a better investment than the first-generation Apple Silicon Macs, because you know what you’re getting. And existing software and services should perform fine on these new Macs for years.

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Can Artificial Intelligence Help Increase Diversity in IT?
Applied properly, AI might help bridge the diversity gap in IT by assisting with job postings, evaluating resumes and standardizing the interviewing process.

Presenting the Azure Well-Architected Framework
Building and managing cloud services at scale is new to most of us; we’re either building our first tranche of cloud-native applications or have started to migrate existing applications from on-premises to the cloud. In many cases we haven’t had time to prototype and pilot. We’re being driven to rapidly take businesses digital by a global pandemic and a sudden shift to remote working.The question then is: What are the best practices for working with hyperscale clouds such as Azure? What worked well in on-premises data centers may not be a good fit for virtual infrastructures or container-based microservice orchestration using Azure. Then there’s the question of how to size and scale for the cloud, where compute resources may well be unlimited but they’re not free, and we have to account for every byte of storage and every second of CPU time.

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Windows File Explorer Alternative- Files UWP
Windows File Explorer is one of the most-used apps on your Windows PC. You use this app for managing files, including copying moving, etc. File Manager has improved over a period of time, but still lacks a lot of features including tabbed interface and many other features. Here is a new freeware app called File […] The post Windows File Explorer Alternative- Files UWP appeared first on Techniqued- Technoloy, Review and Tutorials.

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