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Easing into the new year with a modest January Patch Tuesday
Microsoft rolled into 2021 with a fairly benign update cycle for Windows and Microsoft Office systems, delivering 83 updates for January. Yes, there is an update to Windows defender (CVE-2021-1647) that has been reported as exploited. Yes, there has been a publicly disclosed issue (CVE-2021-1648) in the Windows printing subsystem. But there are no Zero-days and no “Patch Now” recommendations for this month. There are, however, a large number of feature and functionality groups “touched” by these updates; we recommend a comprehensive test of printing and key graphics areas before general Windows update deployment.

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Can Cloud Revolutionize Business and Software Architecture?
Closing days of CES 2021 looked at the impact cloud may have on businesses going forward and the importance of cloud architecture.

TypeScript 4.2 tunes tuple types
Microsoft has published a beta version of TypeScript 4.2, an update to the popular open source language that adds types to JavaScript. With a final release due February 23, TypeScript 4.2 features enhancements pertaining to tuple types and type aliases.TypeScript 4.2, launched January 12, expands the ways rest elements in tuple types can be used. Previously, TypeScript only permitted rest elements in the last position of a tuple type. Now, rest elements can occur almost anywhere within a tuple, with a few restrictions. A rest element cannot be followed by another optional element or rest element, and only one rest element is permitted per tuple.

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How to Check if Your Passwords are Compromised or Breached
When it comes to the web or the Internet, the most important thing is the password. It is the gateway to protecting your data. All our private data on the web including photos, login credentials, videos, documents are stores online using passwords. Almost all of the sites use login and password to have a unique […] The post How to Check if Your Passwords are Compromised or Breached appeared first on Techniqued- Technoloy, Review and Tutorials.

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