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The Patch Tuesday focus for April: Windows and Exchange (again)
On Tuesday, MIcrosoft rolled out another broad series of updates across its Windows ecosystems, including four vulnerabilities affecting Windows that have been publicly disclosed and one security flaw — reportedly exploited already — that affects the Windows kernel. That means the Windows updates get our highest “Patch Now” rating, and if you have to manage Exchange servers, be aware that the update requires additional privileges and extra steps to complete.It also looks as if Microsoft has announced a new way to deploy updates to any device, wherever it is located, with the Windows Update for Business Service. For more information on this cloud-based management service, you can check out this Microsoft video or this Computerworld FAQ. I have included ahelpful infographic which this month looks a little lopsided (again) as all of the attention should be on the Windows and Exchange components.

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Forecast of the Future of Work from MIT Sloan CIO Symposium
'We must do more to cultivate new jobs and new worker skills.' -- Irving Wladawsky-Berger, research affiliate, MIT's Sloan School of Management.

Kotlin 1.5.0 stabilizes unsigned integer types
Kotlin 1.5.0, an upgrade to JetBrains’ statically typed language, has moved to a release candidate stage and is now feature-complete. Highlights include unsigned integer types and an improved testing library.With Kotlin 1.5.0, unsigned integer types, available in beta since Kotlin 1.3, are classified as stable, making them safe to use in real projects and available without opt-in. Unsigned integer types include UInt, ULong, UByte, UShort, and related functions. The standard library’s unsigned integer API is useful for dealing with non-negative integer operations. The newly stable APIs include unsigned integers, ranges and progressions of unsigned integer types, and functions that operate with unsigned integer types. Arrays of unsigned integers are still in beta.

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How to Check if Your Passwords are Compromised or Breached
When it comes to the web or the Internet, the most important thing is the password. It is the gateway to protecting your data. All our private data on the web including photos, login credentials, videos, documents are stores online using passwords. Almost all of the sites use login and password to have a unique […] The post How to Check if Your Passwords are Compromised or Breached appeared first on Techniqued- Technoloy, Review and Tutorials.

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