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N.Y. AG's scrutiny of cryptocurrencies unlikely to stymie a thriving industry
States and the federal government are increasing their scrutiny of cryptocurrencies in an attempt to bring more transparency to a market where buyers and sellers are anonymous and regulatory oversight is light.Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, LiteCoin, and Ripple skyrocketed in value last year as investors sought to get in on what many see as the future of global currency – one that for trade and commerce knows no borders. Bitcoin generated massive hype among investors as its value surged more than 1,900% to nearly $20,000 last year, before tumbling back down below $11,000.

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AI: You Can't Test New Ideas with Old Data
How can you apply machine learning and AI to predict the success of a new idea? Will that old data you have work? Here's a different approach.

What will OpenStack "S" Be Named?
With the Queens release coming next week and Rocky set to follow later this year, it's now time to choose the name for the "S" release.

Microsoft’s Project Brainwave accelerates deep learning in Azure
Earlier this year, Google unveiled its Tensor Processing Unit, custom hardware for speeding up prediction-making with machine learning models.Now Microsoft is trying something similar, with its Project Brainwave hardware, which supports many major deep learning systems in wide use. Project Brainwave covers many of the same goals as Google’s TPU: Speed up how predictions are served from machine learning models (in Brainwave case, those hosted in Azure, using custom hardware deployed in Microsoft’s cloud at scale). 

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5 Best Budget Smartphones below Rs 10000
We have seen quite a lot of new budget offerings last year and it has been mostly the 18:9 displays. In 2018, almost all brands have adopted the 18:9 displays. There has been a lot of great devices launched this year with good specifications offering value for money. So if you are in the market […] The post 5 Best Budget Smartphones below Rs 10000 appeared first on .