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Facebook Will Pause Ads Promoting Weapons Accessories and Protective Equipment Until After Biden’s Inauguration
Facebook announced on Saturday that it was banning ads that promote weapons accessories and protective equipment until Jan. 22, after President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, “out of an abundance of caution.”Read more...

If Covid-19 Did Start With a Lab Leak, Would We Ever Know?
The two major investigations into the origins of the pandemic are compromised by potential conflicts of interest. Those problems need to be fixed—fast.

Bird's skid detection helps catch reckless scooter riders
Don’t even think of using a Bird rental scooter for a wild ride. The company has revealed a Skid Detection feature that, as the name implies, watches for moments when an e-scooter goes sideways. If there’s a pattern of skidding Bird can attribute to...

Stay The F**k Home to Avoid Spreading Coronavirus
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Will your neighbors get vaccinated?
As the coronavirus vaccines have rolled out across the US, the process has been confusing and disastrous. States, left by the federal government to fend for themselves, have struggled to get a handle on the logistics of distribution. Many, including Georgia, Virginia, and California, have fallen woefully behind schedule. But even if there were a…

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