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Everything You Need to Know About 'Cleganebowl,' Game of Thrones' Most Hyped Fan Theory
Fan theories and the vast works of A Song and Ice and Fire go hand in hand, and Game of Thrones has spent the last couple of years bringing a few of the biggest of them to life. But one this upcoming season might finally tackle is the legendary Cleganebowl—a duel fans have been chomping at the bit to see for ages.Read more...

Congress Is Finally Working on National Self-Driving Car Regulations
The House and Senate are crafting legislation to govern autonomous driving at a national level.

UK teens say Instagram is the worst app for cyberbullying
New research claims Instagram is home to more cyberbullies than any other social media platform. The findings form part of UK anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label's annual survey, which consulted over 10,000 young people aged 12 to 20.

The Geek Prepper’s Guide: Data Smuggling Game Boy Cartridges
Society could collapse at any time. Meteors, zombies, global warming, dystopian cyberpunk corporate statehood, old-fashioned fascist dictatorship, it could be anything. You need to be ready. But loading up on guns and ammo […] The post The Geek Prepper’s Guide: Data Smuggling Game Boy Cartridges appeared first on

AI Fight Club Could Help Save Us from a Future of Super-Smart Cyberattacks
The best defense against malicious AI is AI.