International Business Times, Singapore Edition Samsung has finally started to release updates to some Bixby apps in international markets, an expected move in preparation for the global release of Bixby Voice. Unfortunately, the move stirs confusion among users as the voice assistant remains...

Vapium Summit: The Vape for the Great Outdoors
Lots of people like being outdoors. Not geeks, usually (hyuck hyuck), but a lot of people. And, unfortunately for, presumably, some of those folks, there aren’t too many solid portable vaporizers that could […] The post Vapium Summit: The Vape for the Great Outdoors appeared first on

Le Mans 24-hour - Karun Chandhok Finishes 10th in LMP2, 12th Overall
India’s Karun Chandhok and his team finished 12th overall and 10th in the LMP2 category in the 85th edition of the 24-hour endurance race of 24-hours Le Mans.
Integrating Security into DevOps Takes Care
It makes sense to involve IT security with DevOps, but the integration isn't as easy as it sounds.

How to Copy a Formula Down an Entire Column in Google Sheets
This tutorial explains how to use ARRAYFORMULA function in Google Sheets to copy formulas down an entire column. Use with Google Forms to add formulas in new form submissions.