NDTV Lenovo brand Moto is on a roll with its launches in India. After the Moto C Plus, Moto has already started teasing the launch of another smartphone launch in India. The teaser takes a dig on smartphones always running out of battery, and ends with an... ---

Hydrology 9 is an Elite Entry to the Vape Tech List
Vaporizes are everywhere these days, be they the e-cig or the *cough* herbal variety *cough cough.* Most of them are poorly built, cheap-looking, and often have a lot of problems. But Cloudious 9 […] The post Hydrology 9 is an Elite Entry to the Vape Tech List appeared first on Geek.com.

Le Mans 24-hour - Karun Chandhok Finishes 10th in LMP2, 12th Overall
India’s Karun Chandhok and his team finished 12th overall and 10th in the LMP2 category in the 85th edition of the 24-hour endurance race of 24-hours Le Mans.
Not Doing Big Data in the Cloud? Better Get There
Forrester Research says competitive advantage will follow big data analytics' move to the cloud; join in, or get left behind.

How to Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists and Junk Newsletters in Gmail
How to easily unsubscribe your Gmail email address from mailing lists, newsletters, junk and other unsolicited bulk mail that is clogging up your Gmail inbox.