The Register Ignite At the Ignite conference today, the expert panel on stage burst into laughter. “This box right over here behind us – nothing! That's a quantum joke, that's an excellent joke,” said Technical Fellow Michael Freedman as the ... ---

Livestream Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Unveiling
Samsung kicks off the annual device-reveal season with today’s unveiling of the Galaxy Note 8. Various leaks and teases have piqued consumer attention, which, frankly, is mainly focused on whether or not this […] The post Livestream Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Unveiling appeared first on

Le Mans 24-hour - Karun Chandhok Finishes 10th in LMP2, 12th Overall
India’s Karun Chandhok and his team finished 12th overall and 10th in the LMP2 category in the 85th edition of the 24-hour endurance race of 24-hours Le Mans.
Neural Networks in Business: Advantages and Perspectives
The opportunities to utilize neural networks are growing across a broad range of industries and market sectors.

Get Email Alerts When New Employees Join a Company
Learn how to use LinkedIn to get email alerts when new employees join a company. You can track new hires made by a company in a specific country, city or geographic region.