It might get harder to advertise apps known as spyware or stalkerware on Google's platform starting in August. Angela Lang/CNET. Google will name stalkerware apps on its list of services banned from advertising on its platform, starting in August, the ...

Stay The F**k Home to Avoid Spreading Coronavirus
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Boeing Reaches Settlement With Majority of Lion Air 737 MAX Crash Victims Families
The fatal crash, followed within five months by another 737 MAX jetliner in Ethiopia, led to the worldwide grounding of Boeing's best-selling model.
Robotics Will Prevail Over Other Tech Sectors Post-Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of robotics in roles normally reserved for susceptible humans, but which robotics applications will thrive once we get ahead of the virus?

The 10 Useful Networking Commands You Should Know
What is my IP address? Who is the host of this website? Which mail service is this domain using? There exist web tools that can uncover these details but this sort of research can also be done using the command line on your computer. Let’s explore…

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